Naturseifenfabriken in Nepal

Naturseifenfabriken in Nepal

Wildlife of Nepal - Wikipedia- Naturseifenfabriken in Nepal ,Wildlife diversity is a notable feature of Nepal.Because of the variance in climate, from tropical to arctic, Nepal has a large variety of plants and animals. Wildlife tourism is also a major source of tourism in the country. There are some animal species which are unique to Nepal, such as the spiny babbler.Nepal is also host to many rhododendron species.Visit Nepal: 15 Best Natural Beautiful Places to Visit ...Tilicho Lake is another famous lake of Nepal. it is the highest lake of Nepal even count in the world as the highest lake. It is located in the Manang district in the south-west of the Nepal. It is standing at 4919 M. from the sea level which shows it is the highest lake. It has occupied the largest area 4 k.m. as a length and 1.5 km as a breath.

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Nepal - Nepal - Animal life: The forested areas of the Tarai are the home of tigers and leopards, gaurs (wild ox), occasional elephants and buffalo, and many deer; the deer include chital, or axis, deer (which have white-spotted bodies), sambar (a large Asiatic deer with coarse hair on the throat and strong antlers), and swamp deer. The Lesser Rāpti Valley, in south-central Nepal, is one of ...

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Nepal's rugged, mountainous terrain made the search for survivors and attempts to deliver food and medical supplies to affected areas perilous endeavors. Seismologists have predicted an earthquake would hit Nepal, but the country was ill-prepared for a disaster of this scale. Another strong earthquake hit Nepal just three weeks later, on May 12.